Take a look in our kitchen!

At Cheffix you are always welcome to come and take a look in our showroom. In our showroom you can find all our models, in all colors and sizes. Are you curious about a particular model and maybe you can't find it in the stores? We would love to show you our collection!

In our showroom we can also tell you more about the thinking behind all our different models and of course Cheffix itself. We have looked very closely at how we can make our chef and catering clothing stand out from the rest. We have looked at good materials, but we have also investigated new designs. For example, we have created aprons and bib-aprons that have never been seen before. In this way, we are just different from the rest. Nevertheless, you can also come to us for a basic line.

Since Cheffix has its own factory in Europe, we can switch very quickly, and the lines are short. So, are you looking for something totally different, which we may not have in our assortment? Do not hesitate to contact us. We will do everything to be able to produce something that you are looking for.

Furthermore, we have often consulted with different restaurants to complete our collection. In this way our new designs not only look beautiful, but they also often have a functional purpose. This allows us to combine design and comfort in a good way.

So are you curious about our showroom and would you like to take a look? Then get in touch with us!

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