How did Cheffix come about?

Cheffix wants to offer something different from the rest. We want to offer chef's and catering clothing with trendy designs in which you can also work comfortably. Comfort, quality and design are our unique ingredients. With this in mind, our own design and development team set to work. By consulting directly with the hospitality industry, we know what our target group considers important. By combining these insights with our knowledge of textiles and design, we have come up with unique new models and fits. In addition to new models, we also looked at good basic models and made various adjustments.

"Our mission is to combine our recipes with the ingredients from the kitchen to achieve the best result together."

We make everything in our own kitchen

Cheffix a new brand, but with years of experience in textiles. Cheffix was in fact created from 20 years of catering textile experience. In this way, we know what good quality is. In addition, we also have close contact with the hospitality industry. This enables us to combine design, quality, and comfort. We can do all this because we have our own factory in Europe. This allows us to develop new models, come up with our own designs and select the best materials. This means that we have everything in our own hands and can determine everything ourselves. Responding to the latest trends and developments is therefore one of our strengths. Another advantage is that you buy directly from the manufacturer.

"By having daily contact with the catering industry, we always come up with new ideas."

What are our strengths?

One of our strengths is that we can switch very quickly and that we are open to new ideas. We are always looking for something new, which not only looks cool, but is also functional. In addition, we can switch quickly and are also very flexible if, for example, you want something slightly different. If you would like to place a pocket somewhere else (or something completely different), we are always open to discuss the possibilities.

Are you curious about our collection and would you like to see it in our showroom? Then get in touch with us! We look forward to welcoming you!

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